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About Me

My name is Jose Ignacio Hernandez, but my friends call me Nacho. I live in Madrid. I started in this hobby many years ago. My parents gave me my first plane, I remember from the Matchbox brand, when I was 10 years old and discovered a new hobby, and now, 37 years old, still enjoy equal or more than the first day. My favorites have always been aircraft models, because I've always been a great aviation pasionate so I studied aviation mechanics, and currently work in the aviation industry. My favorites are high detailed modern aircraft models, at 1/48 scale, but I have spent many years building motorcycles and cars, sometimes on commission and others for my own personal collection because I am also a big of Formula 1, Resistance and Motorcycling fan.

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I also have always liked figures, so I learnt figure painting at F.M. Beneito's store, but I realized it was not mine, so I prefer great professionals paint them for me as Pedro Ramirez Mateo and Luis Morchon. Although I have no preference, I have to admit that I have a passion for Medieval Era, for their prominence and color.

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Another great hobby is photography, and how could it be otherwise, I like to go to airshows and photographing them in flight, going back and forth to different Spanish air bases. So I learned on my own and invested money in a good photo equipment, as I always take photos to my models.


After many years of dedication and collaboration in magazines and some modeling website, I decided to create my own page to show my work and thus help to promote this form the modelism, which for me is part of my life.

I want to thank my family here and especially to my wife, just for understanding and supporting me the many hours I dedicate to my hobby.

If you have some comment or QUESTIONS, please do not hesitate and send and email HERE.