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EA-6B Prowler Step by step modelling

Step by step: EA-6B Prowler

I started the assembly of this fantastic aircraft in late 2006. The only model that was available then was Monogram's kit, at 1/48 scale. It comes in a thick cardboard box and a drawing of a colourful plane . When opened you discover several plates in light gray and a multitude of parts. Looking through may seem a fine detail kit, but taking a closer look you detect the raised panel lines, and very sparing and coarse detail, comparing them with high quality kits that are offered today. Another of the huge mistakes made by Monogram's modelers is that they began building the kit with A-6 Intruder pieces, with which it shared some parts, but with large differences in wing folding mechanism, armor plating, etc, apart from a multitude of incorrect misplaced panel lines, antennas and poorly shaped air intakes, etc., and a maddening very bad fit. Represents an ICAP-I plane, the oldest version, and I have built an ICAP-II Block 89, so there's a great difference in antennas and equipment.

After searching and searching for information and books of all possible editorials, I venture to say that I have five wonderful books that have given me the necessary information for building and detailing this aircraft, apart from that great source of information, internet. I also used reference books devoted to the U.S. Navy aircraft carrier, which show excellent photos of routine life aboard these huge ships. I downloaded various pictures such as radar and several “routine life” photos aboard these ships from the U.S. Navy.

After 12 months of continuous work of cutting, sanding, engraving lines and performing scratched various detail pieces I decided to take it to one side and dedicated to "change of scenery." Meanwhile, I assembled two Valentino Rossi's Moto GP bikes shown in my website, and several cars at 1/43 and 1/24, and to build two new big enough exhibitors to expose my planes and works.

Today, December 23, 2011, the scene shown here is stored in one of these exhibitors being the center of attention.

I want to thank here Girolamo Lorusso, great Italian modeler that unconditionally helped me, showing me photos of scratch-made pieces and who assembled this same model with an extraordinary level of detail some years ago.

I also want to thank one of the crew of this same plane, Electronic Countermeasures Officer Number 1 (ECMO 1, sitting beside the pilot), Lt. Col. Jerry Burns, (he was Lieutenant then) call-radio "Smallboy", whom I met via email by chance and that could provide me with valuable information of pilot's nicknames, squadron colours and emblems, etc.

And finally, I want to thank enormously to another American modeler, to whom I met in www.carrierbuilders.net, Scott David Oram, who could solve some doubts about the elevator of the USS Constellation CV-64 on which rests this plane and crew.


Details of the model box contents:

prowler prowler prowler prowler

After viewing drawings shown in the book Walk Around EA-6B Prowler by Don Greer, I marked with a red marker bad lines and with blue the new ones.

prowler prowler prowler prowler
prowler prowler

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