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Sikorsky SH-60 Step by step modelling

I started this model at about the end of 2005 and spent several months looking for information in the internet because apart of the Squadron Signal Walk Around UH-60 Blackhawk book (ref. 5519) that I had as a primary source of information, not much more information could be found. Hours and hours were spent in order to look for even the most insignificant details, proper panel placement and dimensions, rivets, etc.

Two Eduard detail kits were used to detail the helicopter (references 48-470 and 48-472) along with several Evergreen strips to make the extra detail pieces added to the model and Plasticard sheets of several dimensions. I partially used the detailing set of Cutting Edge Modelworks MH-60 Blackhawk FLIR to build the FLIR system.

Cockpit and Eduard photoetched instrument panel:

image image image image

Cargo command position and pilot's door:

image image

Engraving properly the panel lines with Haegawa Line Engraver TT-10:

image image

Riveting glass domes, using Hasegawa Rivet Scriber , ref. TL-11:


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